NexGen Fabrics


Weave  is the most traditional fabric which is mostly suitable for upholstery, modular workstations, and wall paneling. It is available in 34 colors and can be customized.
Technical Specification
SKU’s 34
Content 100% Polyester
Weight 350 Grams/Meter +5%
Width 54”
Abrasion Resistance 80,000 Cycles
Colour Fastness WET: 4, DRY: 5
Colour Matching Batch to Batch Variation in shade may occur within commercial tolerances.
Suitable For Vertical Paneling & Seating
Flammability BS 5852 Ignition Source 5 (Crib 5)
Cal TB 117- (2013)
NFPA 260/ UFAC Class1
NFPA 701
BS 5867 Part 2 Type B
BS EN: 1021 Part 1 and 2
Cleaning Vacuum regularly
Wipe clean using a damp cloth
WV-105 Med Blue
WV-111 Stone Grey
WV-112 Stone
WV-113 Greystone
WV-118 Acid
WV-119 Mink
WV-123 Caramel
WV-131 Orange
WV-132 Lemon
WV-141 Burnt Orange
WV-145 Black
WV-156 Magenta
WV-169 Azure
WV-174 Denim
WV-202 Electric
WV-203 Gungrey
WV-204 Purple
WV-206 Flame Red
WV-207 Pink
WV-208 Ruite
 WV-210 Granada
WV-211 Wine
 WV-212 Indigo
 WV-213 Tangerine
 WV-215 Cinnamon
 WV-225 Acorn
 WV-226 Bramble
 WV-227 Forest
 WV-233 Lime
 WV-235 Medal
 WV-241 Rust
 WV-307 Hot Pink
 WV-317 Pearl
 WV-319 Cobalt Blue