NexGen Fabrics

Click N Lock Aristo

Available in 5 Colours

VA-01 Carolina Cherry
Carolina Cherry
VA-02 Java Wood
Java Wood
 VA-03 Luisiann Laurel
Luisiann Laurel
 VA-04 Rosid
VA-05 Whisker Oak
Whisker Oak
 VA-01 Carolina Cherry
VA-01 Carolina Cherry
Technical Specifications
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Click & Lock Aristo

Wear Layer

0.5 mm

Cushion Backing

1 mm

Tile/Plank Sizes

Wood : 5.78’’x36’’, 8.86’’x48’’


Regular Emboss, Deep Emboss & Natural Emboss.


Micro Bevel

No. of planks/box

12 planks/box | 17.35 sqft/ box (5.78’’x36’’)
7 planks/box | 20.66 sqft/ box (8.86’’x48’)

Enter the future of flooring. Click-N-Lock Tiles keep flooring hassle free with seamless interlocking at the joints & grout-free installation done within a day thanks to its innovative Wel-Lock™️ technology A stone polymer composite makes sure that the tiles are highly enduring. The list goes on - stain & scratch resistance, fire & skid proof and an antimicrobial layer. In the Click-N-Lock®️ category, explore from wooden SPC flooring and stone finish tiles to Moroccan flooring. A wide range of exquisite designs in wooden flooring, stone flooring and Moroccan floor tiles, complemented with tech-equipped expertise and sophisticated and contemporary technology to guarantee long lasting quality.

    [select* Native "Please Select Fabric Colour Code" ” "NE-01 Acid" "NE-02 Ruite" "NE-03 Teal" "NE-04 Flaxen " "NE-05 Bistre" "NE-06 Side Park" " NE-07 Organic Green " "NE-09 Warm Glow" "NE-10 Flame Red" "NE-11 Midnight Blue" "NE-12 Pearl " "NE-13 Dry Acron" "NE-14 Almond Sand" "NE-15 Solitude" "NE-16 Stone Castle" "NE-17 Stone " "NE-18 Grey Stone"]