NexGen Fabrics


NX-Xtreme fabric in bold and compact texture. The different weave design result in a intriguing and contemporary effect in 64 colourways.
Technical Specification
SKU’s 14
Content 100% Polyester
Weight 375 Grams / Meter +5%
Width 54”
Abrasion Resistance 80,000 Cycles
Colour Fastness WET: 4, DRY: 5
Colour Matching Batch to Batch Variation in shade may occur within commercial tolerances.
Suitable For Vertical Paneling & Seating
Flammability ASTM E84 Class- 1 or A
BS 5852 Ignition Source 5 (Crib 5)
Cal TB 117- (2013)
NFPA 260/ UFAC Class1
NFPA 701
BS 5867 Part 2 Type B
BS EN: 1021 Part 1 and 2
Cleaning Vacuum regularly.
Wipe clean using a damp cloth.
NX-01   Clear Sky
NX-02   Ice Grey
NX-03   Grey Tint
NX-04   Ash Grey
NX-05   Utopia
NX-06   Stone Castle
NX-07  Elegant Grey
NX-08   Black Sea
NX-09   Tiara
NX-10   Icy Cool
NX-11   Ice Cube
NX-12   Light Sky
NX-13   Ocean Blue
NX-14   Country Walk
NX-15   Midnight Blue
NX-16   Blue Lake
NX-17   Blue Glory
NX-18   Twilight
NX-19   Monsoon
NX-20   Blue Weed
NX-21   Imperial Blue
NX-22   Blooming Blue
NX-23   Burnt Voilet
NX-24   Spice Tree
NX-25   Fairy Lights
NX-26   Rose Mist
NX-27   Pink Accent
NX-28   Raspberry
NX-29   Mild Rose
NX-30   Japanese Lilac
NX-31   Purple Aura
NX-32   Voilet Saga
NX-33   Rosy Coral
NX-34   Sun & Sand
NX-35   Candy
NX-36   Code Red
NX-37   Pure Red
NX-38   Rich Tomato
NX-39   Scarlet
NX-40 Red Wood
NX-41   Warm Glow
NX-42   Canyon Sun
NX-43   Orange Vision
NX-44   Glowing Rust
NX-45   Surise
NX-46   Coppermoon
NX-47   Amber-N
NX-48   Honey Comb
NX-49  Apricoat
NX-50  Peach Organza
NX-51   Dry Acorn
NX-52   Yellow Marigold
NX-53   Orange Peel
NX-54   Rich Tan
NX-55   Glorious
NX-56   Mustard
NX-57   Easy Green
NX-58   Brust Lime
NX-59   Aloevera
NX-60   Organic Green
NX-61  Green Gold
NX-62   Broccoli
NX-63   Pine Corn
NX-64   Side Park