NexGen Fabrics


Nexus is a PVC fabric making a virtually waterproof surface that is still flexible and tough. It is easy to clean and maintain. This makes it ideal for situations where cleanliness is a top priority, such as in hospitals and restaurants. It also does not require any special care or conditioning. Nexus is a leatherite in plain texture available in 42 shades offering comfort for usage.
Technical Specification
SKU’s 42
Content 75% PVC / 25% Polyester
Weight 800 Grams / Meter +5%
Width 54″ +2%
Abrasion Resistance 2,00,000 Cycles
Colour Fastness WET: 4, DRY: 5
Colour Matching Batch to Batch Variation in shade may occur within commercial tolerances.
Suitable For Seating
Flammability BS EN: 1021 Part 1 and 2 BS 5852 Ignition Source 5 (Crib 5) Cal TB 117- (2013) NFPA 260/ UFAC Class1
Cleaning Spots can be dried off using a damp cloth.
NS-101 Dimgrey
NS-102 Platinum
NS-103 Granada
NS-104 Grey
NS-105 Steel Grey
NS-106 Gungrey
 NS-107 Black
NS-108 Corn Flower
NS-109 Purple
NS-110 Magenta
NS-111 Midnight Blue
NS-112 Spearmint
NS-113 Electric
NS-114 Prussian
 NS-115 Salmon
NS-116 Rose
NS-117 Flame Red
NS-118 Red
 NS-119 Blood
NS-120 Berry
NS-121 Wine
NS-122 Lemon
NS-123 Orange
NS-124 Carrot
NS-125 Rust
NS-126 Burnt Orange
NS-127 Teak
NS-128 Syrup
NS-129 Lime
NS-130 Olive
NS-131 Bramble
NS-132 Sand
NS-133 Beige
NS-134 Ivory
NS-135 Caramel
NS-136 Peanut
NS-137 Ruite
NS-138 Planet
NS-139  Mocha
NS-140 Wood
NS-141 Brown
NS-142 Coffee